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Pop star Shakira is officially a mother. The soon to be Voice judge gave birth this afternoon in Barcelona, Spain to a bouncing baby boy. Specifics as far as size and length have not been revealed, probably because the all female delivery staff was reportedly asked to sign confidentiality agreements, but the little guy’s name has scooted out, and it’s far more conventional than you may have expected.

According to People En Espanol, Shakira and her soccer star significant other Gerard Pique have decided to name the little guy Milan. They previously announced they wouldn’t finalize a choice until they were actually able to look at the child. So, while a physical description hasn’t been given, it’s safe for you to assume he looks like a Milan.

I like it when celebrities go very conventional. To me, there’s no reason why famous people need to name their children something way outside the box, or even something that’s not ordinarily a name, but not everyone agrees with me. There are plenty of people out there who think choosing the same old names is boring, and since celebrities are trendsetters, they should use that power to try something exciting and new.

What do you think? How do you feel about the name Milan? Is it too standard, or do you think it’s a great choice? Let us know your thoughts by rating Shakira’s choice in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of Milan?

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