The Super Bowl is a big event for commercials. With millions of viewers tuning in for the big game, advertisers understandably hope to grab thirty seconds or a minute of those viewers' attention to promote their product. Old Milwaukee aims for a much smaller audience with their commercial, but they have the help of a very big celebrity to do it. Will Ferrell has, once again, stepped in to help promote the beer. This year, it involves a lot of kissing.

This isn't Ferrell's first Old Milwaukee commercial, but it may be the smoochiest. And given Go Daddy's uncomfortably close kissing ad this year, a make-out session between Will Ferrell and some lady on a bus seems sort of fitting for the times. Check it out below.

Based on the news snippet that airs at the end, it looks like the ad played wherever CBS' News 12 airs, which appears to be somewhere in Texas (Sherman, Denison and Ardmore). Those fortunate viewers were treated to Ferrell's new ad during the big game.

To watch or re-watch the ads that did air nationwide during last night's Super Bowl click here.

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