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Ordinarily, people aren’t criticized for showing up and doing their best to help out at a charity event. Ordinarily, celebrities aren’t taken to task for volunteering their own time for a worthy cause, but that’s exactly the position Dane Cook is in right now after he performed at the Boston Strong charity event at TD Garden and wound up receiving a stream of angry Twitter comments for his troubles.

Unlike the majority of controversies involving comedians, no one is angry for something Cook did say. Rather, people are furious about what he didn’t say publically, notably anything during his set on the live stream. While an overwhelming majority of participants agreed to let their performances be broadcast, Cook gave no such okay. He forbid the powers that be from streaming his set online. Here’s how he explained the decision on Twitter

On the one hand, it’s easy to see why people are a little miffed. The majority of those who watched the concert for Boston were forced to do so from their own computers. Tickets to the live show went very quickly, and interest was very high everywhere. So, in essence, anyone who wasn’t at the live show didn’t get any Cook at all. On the other hand, however, it’s easy to see why Cook didn’t want the material getting out. He’s obviously going to release a CD in the future, and unlike music, jokes usually aren’t as good the second time around.

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Dane Cook's Decision To Pull His Material Was...

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