Lindsay Lohan pulled the fire alarm at the W Hotel in New York at around 4:30 AM this morning. There was no blaze, but if you take it from her, she had no choice. The actress was allegedly assaulted on two separate occasions in her room by a twenty-five-year-old, and when she finally escaped, pulling the alarm was the first thing she could think to do.

Hours earlier, Lohan reportedly met the man in question, Christian LaBella, at the 1 Oak nightclub in Chelsea. At some point, the two headed off for her hotel room together. According to NBC New York, all was fine until the actress discovered pictures of herself on LaBella’s phone. Some kind of confrontation immediately ensued, and after she took his phone, he allegedly threw her on the bed, causing scratches on her hand.

In order to calm down, Lohan reportedly left the scene and went down into the lobby, but when she returned, LaBella was still there. He allegedly choked her, threw her on the ground and climbed on top. An associate of the actress’ who was in the room at the time supposedly pried the dude off of her, giving Lindsay enough time to pull the fire alarm. When cops arrived, LaBella was still inside the hotel. He was taken to the station, booked and has since been charged with assault and harassment.

More details should emerge over the next day or so. We’ll bring you them when they come. Until then, Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Lohan following this troubling encounter.

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