On July 12th, Arizona police officers were called to a home after a ten year old girl was found suffocated to death. The family told authorities they had been playing hide and seek when the adolescent accidentally trapped herself inside an airtight box. The victim’s aunt appeared on the news the next day, telling reporters, “She was an awesome hider, let me tell you.” What she should have said was, “I’m a terrible liar, let me tell you.”

Confusion and sadness have turned to outrage today after police charged that “grieving” aunt, Cynthia Stoltzmann, and three other family members, Samantha Allen, John Allen and Judith Deal, with child abuse and Ame Deal’s murder. Apparently, the four adults regularly locked the scared little girl inside the box whenever she misbehaved. They each admitted it during police questioning, as well as the reason for this particular punishment. She took a popsicle. One fucking popsicle. After making Ame do jumping jacks, backbends and other exercises for over an hour, these horrible people decided she hadn’t suffered enough. So, they locked her in a storage bin where she fucking died. Take a look at the miserable faces of the accused below…

According to CNN, Sergeant Trent Crump has admitted Ame Deal’s murder has left the entire police force shaken. “This case has turned the stomachs of some of our most seasoned detectives.” To be perfectly honest, it’s turned my stomach. Sometimes parents, or legal guardians as the aunt was in this case, make mistakes, but confining a child inside a tiny box, whether there’s an air hole or not is sickening. Raising kids is hard. Sometimes they’re not easy to deal with, but no matter how they act out, they still deserve patience, especially at ten years old.

And to blame the whole thing on hide and seek? Come’on, assholes. I’m pretty sure this little girl, tortured and betrayed or not, was clever enough not to confine herself inside a locked space. That’s hide and seek 101. I vividly remember avoiding brilliant spots as a child because I assumed there was a good chance I would die.

According to The Toronto Sun, a preliminary hearing will be held for the accused on August 8th. At least one defendant has already retained a lawyer. All remain in jail.

Pop Blend would like to send out our thoughts to those who actually cared about this little girl. I’m sure she was beautiful and full of wonder. They all are at ten years old.

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