If you heard about 50 Cent’s recent hospitalization, you probably wondered how the hell he was released in just a couple of hours. It’s not often people’s vehicles get plowed into by Mack trucks without serious repercussions, and it’s even less often their vehicle winds up taking less damage than the eighteen wheeler. Well, it turns out 50 Cent wasn’t exactly driving around in a standard model SUV.

The celebrity told MTV News his vehicle weighs over a ton and is outfitted with the same bulletproof technology President Obama drives around in. Were he in anything else, his ride probably would have gone wheels over hood into the guard rail, but thanks to all his security measures, nothing very serious happened at all.

Obviously, buying a bulletproof car isn’t reasonable or even possible for the average driver, but this mess does go to show you that having a bigger car can help absorb the impact of getting hit on the highway. God only knows what would have happened had he been driving a Prius.

If there’s one thing 50 Cent would like fans to take away from his accident, it’s apparently that it wasn’t planned. Believe it or not, a conspiracy theory has been flying around the Internet that the musician orchestrated the entire accident to help drum up publicity for his soon to be released Five album. That didn’t happen, though, I suppose there are still benefits from getting into an accident right before a release date.

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