More than three years ago, former Shaquille O'Neal associate Robert Ross announced he had a sex tape of Shaq Diesel cheating on his then wife with an unidentified female. He was pissed about lack of payment he thought he was due over introducing the former Lakers' center to Ray J. He never received the money, but a few days later his Rolls Royce was supposedly surrounded by seven purported gang members and Shaq associates who flashed weapons and demanded the tape. He didn't have it because his security cameras had automatically deleted the footage, but they still stole his watch and more than fifteen thousand dollars in cash.

The seven alleged guns were recently arrested for the incident, and they're being held in a Los Angeles jail while they await a formal pressing of charges. According to TMZ, detectives recently called Shaq in for questioning related to the matter, but he was released and is not currently being identified as a suspect.

It's perhaps worth noting that since this whole fiasco went down three years ago, Robert Ross has gone on record claiming he had sex with Shaq's ex-wife Shaunie soon after the couple broke-up. In addition to orchestrating the kidnapping, theft and threats, he's also accusing Shaq of having a private investigator follow him to obtain information, though police have not linked O'Neal with any of this. For the sake of Ross' credibility, the affair better at least be true because no doubt that will come out and be analyzed in court.

When news of a sex tape first breaks, some celebrities immediately file lawsuits. Others cooperate in exchange for lucrative backend profits. Those are the two standard responses, but if you have good friends willing to get their hands dirty, there's always a third route.

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