Singing sensation Susan Boyle is struggling to enjoy her newfound fame - because she just wants a man to share it with.

The Scottish spinster shot to fame after appearing on Britain's Got Talent last year (09), and climbed to the top of the music charts with her record-breaking debut album, I Dreamed A Dream. But despite enjoying a luxury lifestyle, Boyle just wants a boyfriend, according to her brother Gerry.

He tells Britain's The People newspaper, "It's just all so sad, so sad. Susan has the world at her feet in terms of fame and money but at this precise moment in time it means nothing. Absolutely nothing. The one thing she wants above all everything else is love. Who doesn't? Her biggest wish is to find someone who she can share her success with and support her through the difficult times. Of course her family will always be there for her but it is not the same as having someone special in your life. Susan knows she can jet anywhere in the world first-class, eat in the best restaurants and stay in the top hotels but that means nothing to her if she doesn't have anyone to share those moments with. If I'm honest things aren't great for Susan at the moment on a personal level." (CL/WNSPE/JMA)

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