On June 27th in Cologne, Germany Malkovich will be receiving the CineMerit award from the Munich International Film Festival. In the words of the Munich Festival Director, Andreas Strohl, he says: “John Malkovich is in a class of his own. His unpredictable presence makes everyone (of his films) worth seeing.” Absolutely true. Every movie he’s in acquires a power of raw energy and harmony from him that is easily grasped by the audience. Even when he's playing himself, the man doesn’t fail. His best role was undoubtedly in Being John Malkovich where he plays himself playing, himself. Not many actors could pull that off.

The Oscar nominated actor will be receiving an honor for his roles in the movies: Dangerous Liasons, Being John Malkovich, Colour Me Kubrick, and The Ogre. In honor of his award, the film festival will also be featuring these movies during the course of events. According to THR Malkovich will be given the award by his friend the German actress Veronica Ferres. Otar Iosseliani will also be receiving the award as well, who is best known for his film Chasing Butterflies.

This is great news. Malkovich is an astounding actor who, over the years, hasn’t really been recognized as such. Sure, he was bad ass in Con Air and killed in Being John Malkovich, but do we see him in the roles that should get him Oscars? No. But hopefully, with this new award, it will keep Hollywood for putting him in movies likeTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Here’s a scene from Malkovich that describes his genius quite well:

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