I don't want to make any overly broad generalizations, but ordinarily, having a second child on the way at twenty-one isn't a sign of upward mobility. Don't tell that to Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson though. The college-aged actor flush with future movie roles has announced his fiancé is pregnant with the couple's second child. In case you haven't kept up with this strange love affair, the woman in question is forty-four year old Sam Taylor-Wood.

If that name sounds familiar it's probably because she was his director on Nowhere Boy. The pair met on set, started hanging out, fell in love, got pregnant, got engaged and now they're pregnant again. That's a lot of forward momentum for a less than three year old relationship, but the two seem remarkably happy. First daughter Wylda Rae was born about a year ago. She's too young at this point to be excited about having a sibling, but if her parents keep up this frenetic pace, she'll likely have more opportunities to appreciate her mom's pregnancies.

According to People, Johnson has repeatedly praised his bizarre partnership amidst media scrutiny of the couple's twenty-three year age gap. “I'm an old soul, and she's a young soul.” Now they've both got another even younger soul to look after.

Johnson can next be seen in Oliver Stone's Savages. No word yet on whether he'll reduce his hectic schedule to make time for fatherhood, but if he's really as old as soul as he claims, then he likely will.

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