Little Miss Sunshine is little no more. Like former child star Dakota Fanning who graduated high school last month, Abigail Breslin is shedding her kiddie status with compelling indie dramas. Last night, she was on hand at the Provincetown International Film Festival to introduce her new film, Janie Jones. Take a look below...

Breslin and Reiff

The real treat was after the movie, when Breslin and her friend Cassidy Reiff took the stage to show off some legitimate singing chops. The duo, under the stage name CABB, showed up with light makeup and high heels and sang an acoustic song they had written. Although a little awkward rushing onstage took place before the set, the 15 year olds kept cool and received a good amount of applause from the crowd at the Provincetown Town Hall.

Breslin taking questions from the audience

During the Q and A that followed the charming song, Breslin told her fans that she just finished filming New Year’s Eve. Breslin played the estranged daughter of a musician with some pretty good guitar skills in Janie Jones . They were put to the test in the fast-paced shoot over 22 days. “They laughed at me when I asked to do it again. We didn’t have the time,” she told the audience. But at the moment, she says she wants to continue working with her friend and concentrating on her music. She nervously joked about “an album or something.” As long as she keeps off the Miley Cyrus pole dancing shtick, I think it would be interesting to have a young singer-songwriting female duo. Plus, a good break between movies is healthy for any actor. Good luck on the summer project!

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