Leelee Sobieski developed such a huge crush on her 88 MINUTES co-star Al Pacino, she asked her own father for advice.

The 24-year-old didn't develop her attraction until she and Pacino - 43 years her senior - returned to the film's Vancouver, Canada set to reshoot scenes.

She explains, "We went back for reshoots, and I started looking at him all of a sudden as this powerful, masculine, testosterone-filled iconic man. I went back to my trailer and called my father, who lives in France."

But her dad didn't provide any help. Sobieski adds, "I said, 'Papa, Pacino is all of a sudden so sexy to me. There's an age difference, and I'm not comfortable with it.' But he said, 'No dear, this is a great thing, a beautiful thing. It gives me hope.'" (IG/WNVC/GES)

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