Sigourney Weaver is still working on the ape language she learned for 1988 movie Gorillas in the Mist - because she hopes to return to Africa and hang out with silverbacks again.

The actress portrayed real-life naturalist Dian Fossey, who devoted her life to studying mountain gorillas, in the film, and she spent weeks in Africa filming with wild apes. The Alien star insists she's a natural in the jungle - she knows how to use 'gorilla language' to approach the intimidating primates.

She tells Britain's The One show, "I really only knew a few phrases but I'm happy to impart them. One is 'uh-uhm' which is basically, 'I'm here,' a reassuring, gentle (greeting). And then I always knew a gorilla was unhappy if it was saying, 'Oh oh oh!' which meant stop whatever you are doing, which I always did. There's not too much to remember and I hope to go back, so I have to keep up with my vocabulary!"

Weaver revisited the gorillas she worked with as part of a 2006 documentary, and was delighted to see the great apes were thriving. She adds, "The gorillas I was working with for many days were all from Dian Fossey's study group. I'm happy to say that they were a group of 25 (during filming) and when I recently went back it was now over 50." (PAW/WNV/KL)

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