Back in 2009, Adam Lambert became one of the most memorable performers on American Idol. Whether you loved him, or thought he was a crazy weirdo, everybody was talking about him. Then he lost to Kris Allen, in what many felt was a major upset. Allen has gone on to do little of note, while Lambert has gone platinum. But what if Lambert never appeared on Idol at all? A new lawsuit is alleging he shouldn't have had the chance.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Lambert’s old label, Colwel Platinum Entertainment, is saying that Lambert should never have been allowed to compete in the eighth season of Idol. Colwel says that even today, Lambert is contractually obligated to their company, for both music services and co-publishing. Apparently, the rules of Idol state that as of the auditions, contestants will be ineligible if they have a recording contract or any agreement that would prevent them from entering into one at the conclusion of the competition. Lambert is alleged to have worked with Colwel in some capacity from 2007-2008, and signed the relevant agreement with the company in February 2008.

An additional issue in the lawsuit is that Colwel is trying to sell an album of the songs that Lambert created while he worked with the company, entitled Beg for Mercy. The album was posted for sale earlier this year on Amazon, but Lambert’s people had it taken down for copyright reasons. So, naturally, Colwel is fighting for the rights to the album as well, stating they are entitled to half the profits and should be allowed to release it.

Lambert and his lawyers have not made any official statements about the claims made against the singer. If there was in fact a valid contract when Lambert started on Idol, he should have been disqualified. It’d be interesting to see how the show would respond if the allegation was actually proven true. Obviously there’s not much they could do, as Lambert clearly has a fan following despite losing the competition. If someone is a star on the show, they’ll find their way regardless (see Chris Daughtry). But maybe they did a disservice to second runner-up Danny Gokey if Lambert shouldn’t have been there. And maybe Lambert only achieved the success he did because of the show, instead of joining the many talented performers who could have been something if everything had fallen properly into place. The case is still far from resolved, and we will see how many of these “what if’s” are actually put to rest as impossibilities.

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