My parents aren't big drinkers. In fact, I have no recollection of either of them consuming any alcohol until my mom ordered a glass of wine with dinner once when I was like fourteen. As a result, I grew up thinking being caught driving under the influence was a byproduct of absurd immorality, the kind of fiasco only a degenerate lowlife or aggressive alcoholic could possibly find him or herself in. Now I know that's not the case. Several people I'm well acquainted with have been forced to take that shameful sobriety test, and while I can't come close to condoning their actions, I do understand how and why it happens. Luckily for those sordid souls, they weren't the child of a celebrity.

Al Pacino's daughter Julie was arrested in Manhattan on Saturday after the twenty-one year old encountered a DWI checkpoint. According to People, she admitted to the attending officer she'd consumed three beers and smoked marijuana earlier in the night. Julie Pacino was promptly arrested, booked and arraigned before being released on her own recognizance early Saturday evening. Upon hearing of his daughter's predicament, Al left Los Angeles where he's currently filming the Phil Spector biopic and flew to New York.

That's good parenting. I won't pretend to know what the father-daughter relationship is like in this case, but as I've never heard Julie's name before, I'm going to assume she's not a trainwreck. Everyone should be entitled to the love and support of their parents immediately following their first few screw-ups. Habitually find yourself in a courtroom though and that's another story.

If there's any doubt, call a cab. .08 really isn't that high. Anyone who's had a few drinks could easily blow that, regardless of whether or not others have deemed them fit to drive.

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