It’s probably safe to assume a beautiful woman like Torrie Wilson has brought eligible men back home with her to Boise, Idaho. In fact, the former WWE Diva was married to professional wrestler Billy Kidman for five years, but something tells me she’s never escorted anyone around town as likely to produce double takes as the man she took this Christmas. That’s because the chap in question this time was Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Rumors about a possible relationship have made the rounds since the pair joined George Clooney and Wilson’s good friend and former fellow WWE co-worker Stacy Keibler on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and while neither has confirmed there’s something serious going on, trekking to Boise, Idaho for the holidays isn’t exactly something a casual acquaintance would do.

According to People, A-Rod was trying to keep a low profile, but he was spotted working out at a local gym with Wilson by local TV anchor Mike Murad. Considering how public of an activity that is, he must not have been that concerned about being caught though.

When I was a kid, wrestling was a pretty closed door business, at least until Hulk Hogan came around. He was a pretty good wrestler and a phenomenal showman, but what he contributed more than anything else was a blueprint for crossover success. Since then, much of the stigma surrounding wrestlers has vanished, as evidenced by The Rock’s success in Hollywood and Keibler and maybe now Wilson dating two of the best men entertainment has to offer.

Pop Blend wishes Wilson and Rodriguez all the best in whatever they’re up to. We’d just kindly ask they at least publicly own up to it. Secrets aren’t any fun, especially when the world knows anyway.

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