Don’t let Scarlett Johansson’s recent comfort with the public seeing her naked pictures fool you: she’s still pretty mad. So are Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera, and other celebrities, who allege that Christopher Chaney hacked their e-mails. Well Chaney’s not having any of it, as he pled not guilty today.

As Reuters reports, Chaney denies all 26 cyber-crimes that he is being accused of, as part of an investigation that was referred to as “Operation Hackerazzi”.

What’s interesting is that Chaney seems to have changed his tune a bit since last month when he was arrested. A day after being charged, Chaney spoke of how he had become addicted to snooping on celebrities. He also said that he was “almost relieved” that the police caught him, as he didn’t know how to stop.

Chaney is accused of hacking into the e-mails of more than 50 people, and taking advantage of a vulnerability that enabled him to forward a copy of every message he received to his own inbox. Chaney has apologized, and it seems like he is taking some responsibility. His lawyer has stated that he doesn’t want the trial to be drawn out, but that the final decision will have to be reasonable. You know what would make sure the trial wouldn’t be long and drawn out? Pleading guilty. It basically sounds as though he has admitted guilt, and just wants to test the system.

Maybe Chaney’s hoping for a little holiday cheer to follow him into the court room – the trial starts December 27.

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