Amanda Peet is now officially Mrs. David Benioff. The actress and screenwriter took the vows Saturday evening in front of friends and family, among them Showgirls actress Elizabeth Berkley. "It was amazing," Berkley said, "and as extraordinary as she is."

People reported the ceremony took place at Peet's alma mater, the Quaker institution Friends Seminary. Benioff and Peet were engaged July of last year after four years of dating. The wedding comes just days after Peet announced on Dave Letterman that she was four months pregnant.

Could that pregnancy and the new nuptials be the reason Peet took the much more stable entertainment job on NBC's new show "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip"? Both mother-to-be/bride and father-to-be/groom have a lot on their plates. As Peet keeps up with her new series, Benioff, who has previously written scripts for Troy and Stay, is moving on to projects with more than one syllable in the title. Among them The Kite Runner, Ender's Game, and the much debated X-Men spinoff Wolverine.

Peet recently ended a stint on Broadway playing whiner newlywed Corie Bratter in Neil Simon's "Barefoot In The Park". When People asked her how the role might affect her attitude heading into her own marriage, she replied, "Maybe I'll be less of a drama queen. Now when I try to pick a fight with my fiancé, he's like, 'Corie Bratter!' It's awful."

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