Sometimes rumors spawn from malicious lies invented without provocation; other times, they come from one incredibly logical misinterpretation, later morphed into an inaccurate story which in turn breeds dozens more fictitious accounts. Let the record show this gossip gone haywire falls into the latter camp. It was reported by many earlier today that rapper Wiz Khalifa and model/ girlfriend Amber Rose had gotten married over the weekend. As proof, the outlets presented a picture of the happy couple enjoying their first dance. Turns out photos aren't always what they seem.

According to MTV News, sources close to the couple have denied a marriage took place and clarified exactly what was going on in that strange photo. The pair apparently was enjoying a nice holiday in Vegas when he decided to take his girlfriend out on a classy date to enjoy his birthday. She happened to choose a white dress for the occasion, and after the photo made its way online, well, you know how these things snowball.

Likely leading to the confusion was an interview the pair recently gave to MTV in which they talked of marriage being on the horizon. Rose is apparently very excited to have kids, but it'll likely take his making an honest woman out of her to make that happen.

Pop Blend is a staunch enthusiast of all things ritzy and high society. As a result, we'd like to give a big thumbs up to a happy couple enjoying a romantic and sophisticated night out. An elegant dinner and a loving dance are always a wonderful way to spend an evening.

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