It’s going to get hot for rapper Nelly very soon…but he won’t be taking off any clothes. Back in the fall, American Express got pretty upset with the music star for spending without paying on a credit card. Sounds reasonable; there are plenty of celebrities out there who forget to pay their taxes, so why not a credit card? The obvious solution would be to just pay the bill, but like any good rapper, Nelly’s in for the full fight against The Man, in this case, American Express.

The credit card company informed Nelly, aka Cornell Iral Haynes, Junior, about the alleged omittance of pay, but he has thus far refused to ante up any cash. Because of this, the problem has moved into a more public forum. In October, American Express filed a lawsuit in Missouri stating Nelly owes the company $20,403.64. According to TMZ, if he is found guilty, the company would also like Nelly to pay its lawyer bills.

In the grand scheme of things, Nelly has sold millions of albums. He’s also still producing music and thus isn’t completely reliant on past income. A twenty thousand plus credit card balance is a big bill, but it’s more of a speed bump than an electric fence for someone with his sort of income. If he owes the money, he’s going to have to pay it back at some point. So, why refuse to pay? Either he’s not guilty or he’s a prick. I guess we’ll wait and see what goes down after the Nelly/American Express fight comes to a head during a court hearing on January 9.

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