UPDATE: The charges have been dropped, according to USA Today.

I’ve watched a lot of American Idol in my day. In fact, I would estimate I’ve seen at least seventy percent of the total episode count, but the number of performers I remember from each season varies wildly. Depending upon the contestants, the judges and my own personal life, each cycle was watched with altering degrees of interest, meaning there are certain years in which I could easily name and intricately describe ten contestants and others in which I’d be hard pressed to remember anyone outside the top three. Season Five was one of those incarnations that I obsessively watched. That’s why a headline like Bucky Covington Accused Of Theft instantly draws my attention.

For those of you who weren’t as excited about Season Five as me, Bucky Covington was a long-haired Southerner who largely sang classic rock. He finished eighth and later released a marginally successful country album with a few charting singles. He’s currently label-less and now apparently in hot water over a bizarre allegation. According to TMZ, the former American Idol was hired by the owner of the Iron Horse Saloon in Florida to play some music for the July 4th Weekend. Unfortunately, the whole event went south quickly when the promoter had to be rushed to the hospital. When he returned, fifteen hundred dollars was missing from the cash register, and he’s accusing Bucky of instructing his brother to pocket the money.

Covington has since denied the allegations, but it looks like the criminal complaint will move forward. We’ll keep you updated if there are any major breaks in the case.

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