Enchanted star Amy Adams is convinced her life changed when she dyed her hair red - because she never received any major movie roles as a blonde.

The 34-year-old actress spent years playing small parts in films such as 1999's Drop Dead Gorgeous and 2000's Cruel Intentions 2.

But Adams shot to international fame after she changed her hair colour, landing starring roles in 2005's Junebug and last year's (07) box office smash Enchanted.

And the star is convinced her new look was a pivotal moment in her career. She tells British magazine In Style, "I've had red hair for the past four years. Before that I never thought of being anything but blonde."

"There was a definite shift in my life when I decided to go red. When you're blonde, people associate it all with being flirty. With red hair, suddenly you're quirky." (LR/LG/MT)

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