Soul singer Amy Winehouse has been seen stumbling around London disheveled and covered in blood early this morning.

TMZ reports the 23-year old has been holed up in the posh Sanderson Hotel in London's SoHo with junkie husband, Blake Fiedler-Civil. Apparently, the young marrieds hid away to continue a long binge, indulging their fondness of crack and heroin, when Winehouse stumbled onto the streets about 4:00 a.m., torn and bloody.

Amy was spotted with blood stained jeans, blood splattered on her ballet slippers. There were also bruises on the side of her neck and had swollen knuckles. Apparently her 24-year old husband fared much worse with cuts and scratches on his cheeks and around his neck.

Earlier in the evening, the singer, who just cancelled her first major tour of the United States, was seen outside the hotel walking down the road where she met a young friend. The two hugged each other and an eyewitness said a small package was slipped to Winehouse who returned to the hotel alone. Hours later, the hotel concierge received several calls complaining of yelling and smashing furniture coming out of the couple's room.

The noise abated then resumed around 2:30 am when the couple took it to the lobby, with Amy hot-footing it to the street. Witnesses say she was in a real state of panic and flagged down a car, which just happened to be filled with teenage girls. They shoved her in and took off. She was later spotted at a convenience store buying cigarettes.

She later returned to the hotel where her parents and her in-laws joined the couple for "crisis talks.“ Although it appears a swift kick in both their asses is what's really needed.

Winehouse made two attempts recently to enter rehab although it has been alleged her husband convinced her otherwise and checked out.

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