The city of Belgrade has a storied and colorful history. Now serving as the capital of Serbia, it was once a famed stop on the Orient Express and has weathered more than one hundred wars. It's been through a lot over the years, but apparently, the municipality has never seen a concert as bad as Amy Winehouse's performance last night. At least that's what the local papers are saying after the clearly out of it singer rambled incoherently, forgot the lyrics to her songs and was booed by the bitter and angry crowd.

The night was supposed to mark the glorious return to the stage for a new, sober Amy Winehouse, but it now seems as if those glowing reports of her being on the right track were premature at best, outright lies at worst. According to TMZ, tickets to the sold out show went for more than fifty dollars a pop, a sizeable chunk of change in Serbia.

Amy Winehouse is a talented singer-songwriter with a beautiful, husky voice, but she's hardly her generation's Bob Dylan. Fans will only wait so long for her to get her act together. The world has long embraced, or at least accepted, rock stars being functioning addicts, but the tipsy line between possibly inebriated and absolute mess can be very pronounced when the lights go down to begin a performance.

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