Have you ever been annoyed at a person who said: “A zebra never changes its stripes,” because you thought that statement was immature and ill-conceived? Well, don’t get too carried away because that might be truer than you’d like to admit. Amy Winehouse, for a lack of better words, has problems. Not only has she gone to rehab numerous times for her incessant drug use, she was also booed off stage during a performance in Belgrade, Serbia earlier this week. During her European concert, the artist appeared to be inebriated beyond control. Not only was she forgetting lyrics to her songs, she was also stumbling on and off stage, not caring whether or not the audience was noticing. Check it out:

In response to this incident, Winehouse's management announced they would cancel the rest of her European tour, in affect, nixing 12 shows. A reason for the decision was not given, though we can all assume why it happened: she was inconsiderate of her fans and literally allowed a serious problem of hers to bubble up into the public sphere. Which is something that no celebrity should let happen. The pop singer has been going through some serious problems in the past year because, well, zebras have a hard time changing their stripes.

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