A little more than four months after Amy Winehouse’s unfortunate death at the age of twenty-seven, the foundation named in her honor has made its first donation. The charity was started by the singer’s family as a way to continue her legacy and do a bit of good in the community. If all goes well, Mitch Winehouse would like to donate nearly eight hundred thousand dollars a year. Much of that money will be raised by a forthcoming book and LP of unreleased music, but until those profits start rolling in, the Amy Winehouse Foundation will rely on the generosity of donors. Thanks to their efforts, the organization was able to give the Little Havens Children’s Hospice a check for more than fifteen thousand dollars last week.

To celebrate the event and get an idea of who the money will help, Mitch and Janis Winehouse visited the care center in Essex, England, and according to the Associated Press, they were each moved by what they saw and vowed to continue their charity efforts. Mitch told the news outlet he wasn’t planning to draw any salary from the Amy Winehouse Foundation but would still be able to donate all his time given the funds his daughter left when she passed.

By all accounts a good-hearted person who simply made a few bad choices, Winehouse herself would no doubt be pleased with what the foundation has already accomplished since its formation ten weeks ago. If all goes well though, this check will look like pennies compared to the gifts the charity will bestow in the next few years.

The aforementioned posthumous LP, entitled Lioness: Hidden Treasures, will be released next week and for every unit sold, one dollar will go directly to the foundation. We’d highly encourage you to check it out.

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