The history of popular music is filled with messes and addicts. Whether it be because unstable people are drawn to Rock n Roll or because we like our rock stars to be unstable, musicians work and thrive on some sort of alternate plane where irresponsibility is not only tolerated, it’s glorified. Some may say Amy Winehouse was a victim of this phenomenon, but the truth is she was treated differently. I suspect part of it has to do with her being a woman, but even more than that, this altered treatment existed because she took it further than anyone else. She wasn’t rooted on, she was maligned by the media. By the end, her personal life so overshadowed her career that it would be hard to argue they weren’t one in the same.

Amy Winehouse died earlier today at the age of twenty-seven (many speculate due to a drug-overdose). In death, she joined thousands of other musicians who passed well before their times. We like to think an early death solidifies the reputation of a musician, but the reality isn’t so concrete. For every Jeff Buckley whose drowning ushered his work into permanent relevance, there’s a Tim Buckley whose overdosing started a slow drift into obscurity. One could easily argue neither father nor son was any more talented or brilliant than the other, but for whatever reason, Jeff’s death brought credibility and his father’s didn’t.

Amy Winehouse had one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Throaty, yet beautiful, it colored and gave texture to her haunting and personal lyrics. She only completed two albums, but each is wonderful in its own way. The second, Back To Black won five Grammy’s, sold millions of copies and launched several heavily played singles including the infectious “Rehab”. No one’s talked about that part of Amy Winehouse in awhile, the stunning, talented, mesmerizing portion of the whole picture, but maybe now that’ll all change.

What do you think? Will the world remember Amy Winehouse in twenty years? Will she be viewed as a tortured talent who made some poor life decisions or will her legacy get buried beneath the tabloid sensations of tomorrow? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Will You Remember Amy In 20 Years?

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