Immediately following Amy Winehouse’s July 23rd death, speculation was extremely high that the singer had overdosed. Those unsubstantiated accusations were later refuted by the singer’s family who suspected she may have actually died from alcohol withdrawal after trying to quit cold turkey. Well, the toxicology reports are finally in, and everyone seems to have been wrong. There were no illegal substances found in Amy’s system whatsoever, but the medical examiners did find traces of alcohol. Exactly how much was not released to the public. Good money would say not an obscene amount though because the results were unable to determine whether alcohol played a role in her death.

In a statement addressing the toxicology results, the Winehouse family thanked the police and the investigators for all their hard work and said they’re awaiting the results from a forthcoming inquest. Whenever a mysterious death occurs in Britain, the state holds an official inquest to figure out what may have happened. As Amy was just twenty-seven at the time of her death, one has been scheduled for October.

Mitch Winehouse has been extremely candid and open over the past few months and has said publically he was confident his daughter had kicked the drug habit before her death but wasn’t completely sure about her struggles with the bottle. Regardless of whether the alcohol played a role in her death or not, it seems clear Amy was on the upswing, making the timing of her passing all the more tragic.

Pop Blend would like to send out its thoughts to Amy Winehouse’s entire family as they continue to struggle coming to terms with the sudden and unfortunate death. According to ABC News, the singer’s final recording, a duet with Tony Bennett, will be released in September will all proceeds going to charity.

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