And the fall from loveable, quirky, over-the-top drama queen to haggard, drug-addicted has-been continues for former NewsRadio star Andy Dick. The forty-two year old (who knew he was that old?) was arrested at two A.M. last night inside a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot on suspicion of drug possession and misdemeanor sexual battery. Has anyone else noticed Andy Dick’s entire life has played out like one extended scene of drugged-up sexual harassment that went from amusing to just plain creepy a long time ago?

According to a local news outlet, Dick is currently awaiting release on five thousand dollars bail. Most people have written off Andy a long time ago, but the comedian actually has some talent and brilliant, off-beat timing, which makes his descent all the more hard to watch.

Note to Andy: Bill Murray getting arrested to drunkenly operating a golf cart in Sweden is hilarious. Snorting coke and grinding up against unwilling kids half your age is creepy and sad. Please get your life together, Andy. We need less of this and more scene-stealing roles.

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