There should be disclaimers on certain performers, like the way Seaworld has a "splash zone" for those looking to get showered on by Shamu. Marilyn Manson and Andy Dick share the interesting disclaimer of "Warning: May Whip Out Man Parts And Assault Your Dignity."

According to TMZ, that's exactly what happened to Robert Tucker, a Dallas man who went with his work buddies to an Andy Dick show and got more than he bargained for. Apparently, during the act, Andy Dick went out to the audience dolled up as a lady when he spotted Tucker and decided to give him his "one man show." Dick lowered his red skirt to show he was sporting the commando style before give Tucker a face full of...well, dick.

Since the incident, Tucker has reported feeling "degraded and humiliated" and that his co-workers have harassed him about the incident. Wow, sexual assault as a laughing matter? That may be too cold-hearted even for Bro Code. Tucker is suing Dick for an undisclosed amount, but a settlement out of court would probably do since this poor guy's name is now plastered all over the internet. Least there's no video footage unlike the time shock rocker Marilyn Manson took to wiping his parts on a security guy's head. Bad ideas all around.

So has Andy Dick finally hit the Carrot Top bottom of the comedy barrel or could he possibly sink lower? That is the question.

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