Elvis Presley
Poor Elvis spent most of the mid-1970s slowly dying. Taking a zoo of prescription drugs, touring relentlessly, gaining weight and stressing out over failed relationships, he put his body through utter hell until it finally gave up in the summer of 1977. As a selfish goodbye present, the King’s cousin took a picture of his corpse and sold it to The National Enquirer. It still holds the record for the highest selling edition of all-time, but apparently, Presley’s death picture wasn’t enough to convince his legion of fans that he had actually kicked the bucket.

Elvis sightings began almost immediately after the musician was laid to rest. Someone tried to dig up his body to investigate, and scores of people began writing in to their local newspapers and various tabloids that they’d seen the legend in the strangest places. Out of the brouhaha came societies dedicated to discussing sightings and even a street called Elvis Lives Lane in Ottawa. The fervor gets a little louder at times, but it’s never completely quieted since 1977, nor will it for decades to come.

Ruling: The man was a drug addict with horrible eating habits and extravagant taste. He needed a healthy supply of money and peanut butter and banana sandwiches to live, all of which he had readily available at Graceland. There was no reason for him to fake his own death and even less of a reason for him to stay hidden for decades.

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