If you’re one of the millions addicted to Angry Birds, and you happen to be in China, you might want to visit Changsha, where a theme park has opened that is based on the popular game. In the park, visitors do essentially exactly what you do in the game, but with (unfortunately) more physical activity: slingshot plush birds at green pig balloons inside brick castles.

CBS News reports that the theme park is completely unauthorized by the game’s developer, Rovio. Indeed, the park is a complete rip off of the concept, as China has been apt to do (like say, with counterfeit Apple stores).

The Angry Birds park is part of a bigger attraction called the “Window of the World”. Rovio actually does not have a problem with what the Window of the World is doing, although they have hinted that they’d kind of appreciate it if the park partnered with them instead of just doing their own thing. After all, it’s pretty heavy trademark infringement.

Maybe the reason Rovio can so easily brush off the implications for trademark law and common courtesy is that the company is valued at somewhere around $1.2 billion thanks to Angry Birds. Oh yeah, and giant corporations like Electronic Arts, News Corp. and Disney have all been rumoured to want to purchase the company. And if they’re not interested in them, Rovio’s considering becoming a public company instead, to presumably bolster the intricate and complicated expansion of birds flying into pigs. So they’ll be resting pretty easy either way.

The Angry Birds aspect of the park is planned to only run until the end of September. No word yet on whether Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage will be taking its place.

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