A medical examiner confirmed today that Anna Nicole Smith was prescribed over six hundred muscle relaxers in a five-week period, two-thirds of which are missing. Whether or not she actually took a decade's worth of medication in that brief period is unclear. The Associated Press is reporting that psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, prescribed all the drugs to Smith's "husband"� Howard K. Stern and to an unknown person by the name of Alex Katz. Smith was found comatose in a Florida hotel room February 8 and died soon after.

Records indicate Smith had three muscle relaxants prescriptions in her hotel room: two for carisoprodol and one for methocarbamol. However, over 400 carisoprodol pills were missing from their containers. Also missing were 62 Valium tablets. However, the autopsy report revealed last month, what actually killed her was an accidental overdose of chloral hydrate, a powerful sleeping aid. Calls to Dr. Eroshevich and Stern's attorneys were not returned.

Leading up to the end, Anna Nicole had a stomach flu (too many pills, perhaps?) and a 105 temperature. In addition, she had an infection on her buttocks from repeated injections of hormones. The flu and the infection contributed to her death but were exacerbated by her enormous intake of prescription drugs.

Stern, meanwhile, might be in need of something much stronger. It appears he is weakening in his battle for custody of Dannielynn Marshall, Smith's daughter born in September 2006. The infant is still at the center of an ongoing paternity battle between Stern, photographer Larry Birkhead and a third man. Whoever wins custody will be allowed to continue the fight for Dannielynn's portion of Marshall's estimated $500 million estate.

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