Let’s be honest. We all knew Representative Anthony Weiner’s press conference was going to be a zoo. You can’t resign amidst a sexting scandal and expect the crowd will simply nod their heads, write notes and occasionally mutter “hmph”. Anyone who watched the proceedings yesterday should have been expecting a scene, but the repeated disruptions and loud shouts of “pervert” were beyond even my imagination. It may not have approached the R Budd Dwyer fiasco, but it was strange and entertaining live news nonetheless.

It turns out the screams were pre-planned. After the hoopla died down, The New York Times identified one of the shouters as Benjy Bronk. That name may not mean much to most people, but to the fans of Howard Stern, it’s unmistakable. Bronk has been working with the famous radio personality for well over a decade as an in-studio writer and occasional participant in gags.

I’ve embedded the press conference below. If you listen closely, he’s the one that asks the congressman how many inches he is, as well as whether he’ll keep his chest smooth after leaving office….

After the press conference was over, Bronk reportedly stood around outside where he was mobbed by reporters. He answered some of their questions, admitted he wanted to be on television and then took to hitting on a reporter from Extra. Artie Lange must be so proud.

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