After dozens of infiltrations and scores of private pictures released to the public, the FBI has finally made an arrest in the celebrity hacking scandal. Thirty-five year old Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida was booked today and charged with enough felonies to keep him in jail for more than one hundred years if convicted. The investigation took more than a year and numerous agents and computer experts, but the Bureau is confident it got the right man, even if they aren’t clear exactly why he did it.

Ordinarily, hacking either has a monetary or anarchy motive. The computer expert steals information and either charges a fee for its safe return or causes massive damage to show off his power. Neither of those rationales seems to fit Christopher Chaney. He just broke in, read emails, tracked his victims and in a few cases, emailed a picture or two to a celebrity gossip website without even asking for money.

The identities of most of the hacked celebrities have not been released to the public, but according to The LA Times, Chaney was supposedly behind the recent photo leaks of Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. It turns out the whole thing was actually more time consuming than it was complicated. Apparently, this guy just obsessively read as many articles about the celebrities as he could find. Then he tracked down their email addresses and used information they’d given to guess likely passwords. Judging by his list of successes, a lot more people than you would expect apparently have passwords related to their dogs, children or former addresses.

No word yet on how Chaney might plead to the charges, but judging by the mountain of evidence the authorities seem to have, brokering a deal might be the smarter play.

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