Confirming the theory that Ashlee Simpson remembers to take birth control about as often as she remembers to hit the correct notes, news officially broke today that the actress/ musician/ celebrity/ little sister of Jessica is preggers. I was already pretty sure and you probably were too, but like a true woman leading the world on, she waited for the most advantageous moment to give in.

According to E!, the couple released a statement today saying they wanted to wait until the first trimester was over to give any confirmation. I, personally, despise babies with a vicious passion, but I’ve come to accept the fact that others seem to enjoy their being around. In accordance with that realization, I’ll take this opportunity to wish the dynamic duo a hearty congratulations as well as all the luck in the world in rasing the happiest, most pop-friendly baby of all time.

Here’s a YouTube video of babies’ laughing because well, even an old curmudgeon like me has a heart...sometimes...

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