Just as people were moving on from Ashton Kutcher’s rumored philandering, the former That 70s Show star reignited the anger with an unfortunate and poorly researched Tweet. Commenting on the recent firing of longtime Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, the actor called the move classless and an insult. Within the hour, he was barraged by thousands of followers irate at his support of a man who failed to call police after discovering his longtime assistant coach had done unspeakable things to a child in the football locker room.

Kutcher was quick to apologize and later informed his followers he did not have the full story. He simply saw JoePa had been fired on ESPN and assumed he’d been let go due to his advanced age. I was all over the actor for his questionable decision-making on his anniversary, but I find his explanation here to be entirely reasonable. People comment on Twitter all the time without a clear knowledge of the facts. Baseless and regrettable comments probably make up thirty percent of all Tweets, but as he’s a celebrity, there are real consequences to screwing up.

In order to prevent the same situation from happening again, Kutcher has decided to turn over command of his Twitter to his media team. He’ll still provide the commentary, and the other guys will act as a safety valve to ensure nothing foolish gets published.

In a further attempt to apologize, Kutcher also sent out a picture this morning letting fans know he was well aware of his mistake. Take a look below…

If you want to be mad at someone about the Penn State fiasco, there are plenty of other targets. Kutcher clearly feels bad. It’s time to move on.

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