Vern Troyer has filed a $20 million law suit against over a sex tape he claims was posted on their website as well as played on television. Troyer claims the video was stolen from his home. Phillip Gutierrez, a U.S. District Judge, has temporarily restrained TMZ from sale of the alleged sex tape of Troyer and his former girlfriend.

According to the L.A. Times, Vern Troyer is pinning the incident on Kevin Blatt, the promoter responsible for the sale of the Paris Hilton sex tape. It is also reported that SugarDVD, an adult film online store, has a message up on their website advertising the “existence of one of the most shocking and controversial celebrity sex tapes to date," but said it would release the video only "if Verne gives his consent."

I don’t know about you, but I am less interested in seeing his creepy sex tape with his 22 year old former girlfriend than I am in seeing his newest film The Love Guru. Hopefully everyone reading this will have an easier time erasing the mental images in your heads than I will…ick.

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