Few, if any, were shocked by Grease actor Jeff Conaway's death at the age of sixty back in May, but curiosity has still been high as to what exactly caused his passing. Those results were finally released today by the Los Angeles coroner, and it seems his passing will officially go down as accidental, the byproduct of numerous ailments working in tandem.

According to TMZ, among those contributors listed in the report are an infection in the heart valve, pneumonia, coronary artery disease and encephalopathy, the latest of which was a direct result of his several overdoses. Ultimately, Conaway's body just couldn't take all the stress, and it was likely the pneumonia that pushed it over the edge.

To many younger readers, Jeff Conaway is probably best known as the dude who was a mess on Celebrity Rehab, but at one point in time, he was a well-liked, rising young actor with a bright future. His appearances in Grease and on the first three seasons of Taxi were very well-received by fans and critics, but a debilitating back injury pushed him toward a life of substance abuse. Periodically, he got it together enough to pop back into the public eye, like in the 1990s when he appeared on Babylon 5, but the years of hard living obviously took their toll. He was found unconscious in early May and placed in a coma before the decision was eventually made to pull the plug.

Pop Blend once again sends out its thoughts to all those whose lives were touched by Jeff Conaway. He had a lot of high moments that will be remembered for a long time.

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