Bam Margera has always been the softest member of the outlandish Jackass crew. Often crying and wimping out of stunts, Margera could be considered the most relatable Jackass (if you can relate to making a fireworks show out of your unmentionables). Still, Margera has been coming unraveled in public since the untimely death of friend Ryan Dunn.

According to Gossip Cop, Margera was detained by police yesterday after getting into a fight with a cab driver in New York City. NYPD have confirmed the report but insist no one was officially arrested. Margera has been in New York for Fashion Week along with numerous celebrities. The cause of the fight is unclear at this time but a tweet sent out by Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill may shed some light on the incident.

Fun night in the streets with @Bam_Margera. Everything I expected and more. Bruises all around.

Additionally, the altercation occurred outside NYC biker bar Hogs & Heifers. Can we assume this happened because someone was a little drunk? I'm thinking yes. Even if Margera wasn't intoxicated, punching a cab driver and subsequently attacking the cab itself doesn't come across as a very sober activity. Additionally, alcohol might explain the impaired judgment of hanging out with anyone from the band Kings Of Leon. Perhaps he just needed to use somebody? Maybe he was actually on Cash Cab and, after going for the "Video Bonus" question, lost the prize money. I can definitely understand wanting to punch host Ben Bailey in the face.

All snark aside, let's hope Margera isn't on a downward spiral. There's something oddly alluring and charming about the Jackass guys. They're not the best role models but the sheer irreverence they have for life is entertaining and, in many ways, cathartic to watch. Whatever the reason may be, let's just hope the footage makes it into Jackass 4D.

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