Barbara Streisand is one of those celebrities whose fans are almost more cult-like than Trekkies. Like moths to a flame they'll pay ridiculous amounts of money for seats at her rarely offered concerts. They don't mind spending wads of their cash to hear her legendary voice singing, but they get a little crabby when she tries to play political comedian. That doesn't bother Streisand. When heckled this weekend she tossed an F-bomb their direction and kept right on going.

Occasionally, when Ms. Streisand needs an ego boost she launches an farewell tour. You may remember her farewell tour of 2000. This time around she's not only saying goodbye, she's thrown in a comedy sketch midway through. Given her almost irrationally dedicated support of the Democratic National Party, it's no surprise her act involves a conversation with a President Bush look-alike who plays dumber than a fence post. Sick of the mediocre schtick, some fans at her latest performance begain jeering the act. According to E! Online, one fan even yelled, "What is this, a fundraiser?" Suddenly Barbara's sense of humor evaporated.

"Why don't you shut the f*** up?" she hollered back. "If you can't take a joke, why don't you leave and get your money back." Look who's talking there Babs. Apparently the man felt strongly enough that he did indeed leave, after which Streisand apologized.

Eventually she stopped her pedantic comedy preaching act and went back to singing, which is what the fans paid to hear in the first place. All was well, and no doubt everyone was in tears by the time she finally took her last bow. Hopefully her next farewell tour, probably due out sometime around the next presidential election, will be even more exciting.

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