You knew something like this was destined to happen after Schumacher put nipples on the batsuit.

DC Comics will be bringing the character of Batwoman back to the comic book world with a new twist, and it’s a doozy. The character hasn’t been seen since 1979 and never before like this: Batwoman’s alter-ego, Kathy Kane, will be gay. That’s right Batfans. In an effort to diversify their comics, DC has turned Batwoman into a lesbian. I’ll admit, this isn’t really celebrity news, but how often do you get to report that someone who dresses up as a giant bat has switched teams?

This probably should come as no surprise to a franchise that features a single playboy who raises little boys in a cave under his mansion and dresses in costumes that make S&M fans go ga-ga, but it’s definitely a new evolution of the Bat-family.

Artist Jimmy Palmiotti seems to have the right idea. New York Daily News has quoted the artist, who as drawn for both DC and their competition Marvel, as saying "Unless she has lesbian superpowers ... it really doesn't change her character except the soap opera value.” Nevertheless, the controversy has already spread to comic book websites and message boards, with geek warfare already being waged over the decision.

The new Batwoman will appear in “52,” a new title that will also feature Batwoman’s ex-detective lover and multiethnic revamps of other characters including the Blue Beetle (now Mexican), Firestorm (now African American), and The Atom (now Asian).

For those close-minded comic fans out there, have no concern that Batwoman’s sexuality will infect other characters. “52” will not be a part of regular DC comic continuity… whatever that is this week.

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