There’s been a head injury on The Great Gatsby set. With that type of wound, you would think Director Baz Luhrmann would be filming a Hemingway story –a modernist writer known for his multiple concussions - not something from the mind of the much less adventurous F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Unfortunately, the cut had less to do with plot and more to do with a hold on production, since Luhrmann was the receiver of the damage. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting The Great Gatsby was filming a scene in a rather tight location when Luhrmann inopportunely ducked under a camera crane and hit his head extremely hard on some weights attached to the large object. Then, to make a bad scenario much worse, the accident actually managed to crack the Moulin Rouge director’s head open.

Gatsby co-producer Anton Monsted has stated Luhrmann had to be looked at by a doctor, who gave the man three stitches. What is one man’s misfortune is another man’s luck, however. Though Luhrmann suffered an inconvenient injury, the timing also meant the cast and crew got to head home a little early for the holiday break. I’m sure they appreciated the gesture, even if their director didn’t.

The Great Gatsby is nearly finished shooting for its next holiday season release. Hopefully, no more injuries will plague anyone in its last few weeks of shooting in early 2012. I’d hate for the film’s already far away release date to be pushed back.

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