Actress Teri Hatcher is afraid her life is turning into a horror movie - after she and her daughter were attacked by thousands of swarming bees at her Los Angeles mansion.

Angry bees swarm around the Desperate Housewives star's home at the start of every spring and Hatcher felt she had grown accustomed to their annual presence, making regular calls to exterminators. But this year's attack made her fear for her safety and that of her 11-year-old daughter Emerson, who were forced to flee their home.

Hatcher says, "I think bees make hives in my house maybe twice a year. I live in the (Hollywood) Hills and I just seem to be a bee attractor this year. Bees don't just come at a few bees at a time; 20,000 bees come and they swarm and they descend. This time my daughter and I decided we were going to go through her room and give away things to goodwill... so we had just gotten rid of everything and I hear (a buzzing sound)... I look up and the bees start descending. It's like a horror film." (JMA/WNVLET/KL)

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