A lack of official confirmation hasn’t stopped the Beyonce labor rumors from gaining steam. For the past forty-eight hours, the internet has been freaking out about a claim made by a few nurses who said they’d been told to prepare St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital for a VIP. Numerous media outlets ran with the vague details, and the frenzy took on a life of its own after it was revealed a child named Tiana May Carter was born in New York City last night.

Now Media Takeout, the same website who posted the St. Luke’s information, is saying the Tiana May Carter in question was born to a different mother in a different New York City hospital. As Beyonce’s representatives have been mum about the whole thing thus far, it’s highly likely that the Tiana May rumor is simply a red herring. Still, considering how long she waited to tell the world she was pregnant to begin with, silence can’t always be taken as a denial.

What we do know is the singer’s mom and sister have flown into New York, and as Beyonce is reportedly due sometime soon, that might be a good indication that the birth will come within a week or so. Whenever it does happen, if it hasn’t already, Pop Blend wishes Jay-Z and his beautiful wife nothing but the best as they transition into a new phase of their lives. Look for the child to be fierce, opinionated and well-educated. Between mom and dad’s drive and resources, the sky is the limit for this kid.

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