Beyonce Knowles’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards may have openly verified her pregnancy, but it also led to rampant speculation about her due date. I saw guestimations putting a potential delivery date as early as December and as late as early April, but it seems the truth is somewhere in the middle. She and Jay-Z will have their first child in February, which strikes me as a fine month for a birthday. Not too close to Christmas break, not too close to summer vacation.

Beyonce confirmed the month herself on Australian television yesterday on the program Sunday Night. She didn’t elaborate with a specific due date, but seeing as how none of us need to be in the delivery room, that extra information probably wouldn’t have been necessary.

You know that obnoxious guy at the carnival with his own booth who will guess your age or weight? If he’s within a certain window, you have to give him a few bucks; if he’s wrong, you win a stuffed animal or some other cheap and exciting prize. Well, I saw one of those dudes scream at a pregnant lady once that he could guess how far she was along within two weeks. He said twenty-one and was exactly right. I don’t think there is any job in the world I would be worse at. Every pregnant woman in the world looks like she’s about twelve weeks along to me until suddenly she’s Pam from the season premiere of The Office. Thank God most women just tell you these things or it would sneak up on me every time.

Pop Blend sends out its continued well-wishes to Beyonce during the rest of her pregnancy. No news is good news, though with her star status, I highly doubt we won't hear about the incoming baby until the actual day.

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