The only thing more mesmerizing than a power couple is a power baby. So, world, brace yourselves for a new privileged and potentially awesome child. Beyonce Knowles used the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet earlier tonight to flaunt the fact that she and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child. Beyond that, details of the future musically-inclined youngster are scarce, but the pop star was sporting a noticeably baby bump during tonight's ceremony. Check out a picture MTV put up of the future mother below…

It's hard to wager a guess on how far Beyonce might be along because of the flowy nature of the red dress she's wearing, but I think it's safe to say she is a ways in. This pregnancy test was not taken yesterday, meaning waiting to make the announcement at the VMAs was a carefully designed publicity decision. It's not like the couple needed it to generate headlines though. Beyonce could have whispered she was pregnant to the editor of a high school newspaper, and it would have been on TMZ within an hour.

I couldn't be more pleased for Beyonce and Jay-Z. While other music stars live wild lives filled with clubbing and DUI arrests, these two seem to behave like adults. I'm sure their forthcoming child will thrive in the home they provide for him or her. Fingers crossed that some of the parents' talent was passed on, as well as mom's good looks.

We'll bring you along more details, like due date, once that information becomes available.

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