Beyonce and Jay-Z kept pretty quiet about their relationship before they were married. So, when the couple did tie the knot back in 2008, it was no surprise the whole ceremony was neither lavish, nor a highly publicized affair. Unfortunately, that meant we never got to gush over Beyonce’s choice of dresses or dream about doing our hair in the same way.

With the help of Beyonce’s new video, all that has changed. Beyonce’s “I Was Here (Live At Roseland)” video includes poignant moments from the pop star’s life, including vacations and shows with her hubby, a hug with Michael Jackson, and, towards the end of the video, a shot of the lovely lady in her wedding dress. The song is so touching, when we do get a glimpse of Beyonce in her deeply cut, strapless sweetheart dress, it is nearly tear inducing. You can check out the video, below. Honestly, even if wedding dresses aren’t your thing, it’s still a song that’s worth listening to.

Beyonce is currently taking a break from touring. Her first child is due in February, making “I Was Here” all the more touching in just a couple of months.

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