Who will run the world? People, most likely, until the oft predicted ape revolution comes to fruition, or until we as a race run the Earth into the Sun. Beyonce takes a different stab at the philosophical question that is, well, not oft-asked. In her newest video “Run The World (Girls)” she basically repeats the same line over and over again “Who will run the world? Girls!” while dancing in any number of scantily clad costumes all while taking on male adversaries. Think of it as Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” except with sex being the only thing that matters. Watch the video embedded below.

The video is sure to draw massive support from female activists and roundly attacked by just about everyone else. Between her and Lady Gaga, a new forefront of “girl power” has emerged, and it’s not all about flowers and pink anymore. Drop your thoughts on the video in the comments below!

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