Stripes star and my own personal hero Bill Murray has had a deluge of bad publicity lately. He got divorced from his wife of eleven years. He got shitfaced and drove a golf cart around Sweden. And his legendary crankiness reared its ugly head. But my man Bill Murray is back. He recently went skydiving at the Chicago Air & Water Show, and now he’s wining, dining and seducing America’s most beautiful woman. No, not Scarlett Johansson. He already did that in Lost In Translation.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the actor was spotted at the ritzy Sepia in Chicago’s West Loop with Miss USA Crystle Stewart. She’s the one who Home Alone-style wiped out at the Miss Universe pageant. Heels are tough.

No word on how serious this little romantic rendezvous may have been, but word on the street is Bill flirted with a handful of adoring female fans while waiting for the valet. Go get ’em, Mr. Murray.

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